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Stage School

We love watching our stage school students enjoying themselves singing, acting and dancing that it’s hard to say who enjoys these sessions more – the students or the teachers! We love to help our stage school students learn new songs, focusing on rhythm, timing and how sounds are made and formed. After a few classes we’re sure you’ll see an improvement in your child’s singing ability, as well as improved diction and increased confidence.
You all know that children love to jump, spin and run around, but can we really call that dancing! Our dance classes are perfect for developing their technique, giving shy children the confidence to try out new dance steps whilst making new friends… it’s also a great outlet for their energy!

As a parent you’ll see an improvement in your child’s fitness, co-ordination, balance and awareness…maybe they can show you a few dance moves!

Saturday 10am-1pm

Our Productions of Annie & Oliver!

2016 & 2018 saw the children of The Albany Stage School put on their productions of Annie & Oliver.

From the amazing production team to the wonderful cast, everyone contributed to its success and we were incredibly proud of all of our little actors and actresses!